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Updated February 1, 2018

A Word from Tony and Tina
We'll soon be approaching the middle of our "busy season" but we are still scheduling new classes as them come in, so be sure to check back often to see what's been added. As usual for this time of year, classes will fill up FAST so be sure to get your name on the lists as soon as possible. We still have some "open dates" available for classes, so if you are a member of a group, club or organization and would like to have Tony and/or Tina come and demonstrate their painting techniques or to teach a class (in Oils, Acrylics, Basic Watercolor, Pen & Ink with Watercolor or Reverse Glass) for your group in your community, please give us a call for details at: (352) 637-0348 or Email us at:

Tony and Tina are also available for PRIVATE LESSONS and HOME PAINTING PARTIES

Welcome to "Painting for Pleasure" with artists / instructors, Tony and Tina Carchia teaching painting throughout the central Florida area. Check out the Class Info and Calendar section for updates as to what and where Tony and Tina are teaching.

Tony Carchia has been teaches oil painting techniques since 1989. He enjoys sharing both his knowledge and experience with others. He teaches "step-by-step" at an easy pace that everyone can feel comfortable with. Tony's students refer to himself as a "FUN" artist as he uses his quick wit and humor to melt away any tensions they might have while in class. The use of ALL SUPPLIES are INCLUDED in Tony's classes. ALWAYS a COMPLETED PAINTING in a single class. Come paint with Tony and see just how Quick, Fun & Easy oil painting can be. ALSO, Tony is offering individual "HOW TO" Instructional Oil Painting Packets with "step-bystep" instructions of some of his favorite paintings which can be ordered online. Click on "packets".

Tina Carchia is a very versatile instructor and teaches in a variety of different mediums including Basic Watercolor, Pen & Ink with Watercolor, Acrylics and Reverse Glass Painting. She teaches step-by-step at an easy to follow along pace that even a total beginner would feel comfortable with and quickly puts her students at ease with her laid back no problem attitude. The use of ALL SUPPLIES are INCLUDED in all of Tinas classes, so all you need is the desire to come paint and leave the rest up to her. You willll be glad you did! A COMPLETED PAINTING in just a 4 HOUR CLASS!

Painting Packets
These are "How To" instructional painting packets that Tony has put together on a single painting. It comes complete with a list of supplies needed, a color photo (or photocopy), written "step-by-step" instructions with color swatches for mixes and a pattern sheet or sketch when one is needed. The entire packet is enclosed in a plastic top loading sheet protector which can be placed in a three ring binder. All paintings were done on a 9"X12" canvas but can easily be adapted to a accommodate any size canvas.
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oil painting artist in FL at your local arts and crafts store
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